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Joe Gerry "Thesunriseguy"

email or Text/Call: 978-985-3609

51 Northern Blvd #1, Newbury, MA 01951

Twitter:  @sunriseplumisland

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"Who knows what guides us through life.Be open to listen to your guide, whatever it may be." - Joe Gerry

Born in 1951 to the Gerry’s Ice Cream family, Newburyport MA native Joe Gerry began his love affair of photography at age 12 when he began experimenting with his father’s Kodak Bellows camera, trying to capture an image of lightning from the attic window. His mother encouraged his love of photography and passed his aunt's 35 mm camera on to him when his aunt died in 1968.

He has won awards for several of his photographs and is published in Greater Newburyport, A Photographic Portrait by Twin Lights Publishers.

His current project, which he has been working on since January 1, 2002, is capturing sunrise and dawn everyday. His unique gifts are popular both near and far. Joe, however, does not limit himself to the sunrise subject and always has an eye out for that unique nature photograph.

Joe prefers to consider himself as an artist with a camera rather than a photographer trying to create art. An insight on his passion can be summed up in the words of Chet Ramos: ‘What scientists and artists have in common, is the ability to be amazed by what they see.’

Joe says: "I feel this amazement as I look for the perfect combination of subject, light and story. I think it is the amazement I feel when the sun comes up or when any subject or event takes hold of my heart and snaps my head around to take a look."

"Not everything I take a photo of is amazing, especially to others I suppose. However, I try to capture that something that often can’t be clearly defined. Sometimes, when I get lucky I guess, I get home and say 'Wow, look at that!' Even if it is only to me, I feel I have accomplished something in trying to capture a moment in time to share with others."

"Who knows what guides us through life. Be open to listen to your guide, whatever it may be." 

In 2005 the Hallmark Channel New Morning Show aired a segment on Joe and his sunrise photography. Ask him about it.

Above photo by T. Wacker

beginning June 1, 2012 Joe will be returning to the Newburyport area and once again take his sunrise photos from Plum Island.

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